Duke Warner Realty Brokers share our philosophy, and today the firm is widely-known for its personalized service and reliability.  Unlike many real estate firms, Duke Warner Realty has little turnover in personnel.  Years after a transaction is complete, a client can return knowing that he or she will find the same personal care - and most likely, the same broker!

Duke Warner Realty was established in  1967 by Duke and Kitty Warner.  Our philosophy was to build a first-rate real estate company sensitive to our customers' needs.  We felt that if we treated the customers fair and square, they would keep coming back and bring others with them. That is exactly what happened!

With this kind of reputation, our success has endured through good time and bad.  The company is here to stay, and our Brokers are interested and actively involved in their communities.

Kim Warner, Real Estate Broker and Member of Board of Directors for Duke Warner Realty, makes real estate buying and selling a breeze in Bend, Oregon, including custom homes & acreages with amazing views with over 20 years of experience at Duke Warner Realty in Bend, Oregon. 
I was born & raised in Bend, Oregon and believe it is nicest small city in our country.  Many golf courses, in top ten golf cities in the country, 300 days of blues skies with desert/mountains climate, four seasons, more breweries than golf courses, so many great live concerts and absolutely a great place to raised your family or just to live at and great place to retired.